About Dena

Dena is a lifestyle designer as well as the sole artist and director of her thriving company, Dena Designs Inc. In a career spanning more than 20 years, Dena has truly “done it all.” From design expert, to media personality, to brand award winner, Dena has produced thousands of products and gained the love and respect of consumers and major retailers. Floors, ceilings, rugs, wallpapers, china, giftware, linens, fabrics, pillows, furnishings, children’s and tween products, scrapbooks, stationery, and gift wrap are just some of the areas her best-selling designs flourish. Dena’s work has also been acknowledged by the Licensing Industry Merchandising Association and nominated for the prestigious "Best Art Brand of the Year" award, and "Best Overall License of the Year" in 2012.

Dena created the happi collection with fresh, modern colors, and layered patterns to generate a world that just makes you feel happi. It's the world as only Dena sees it: fresh, inviting and brimming with joy.

happi is a lifestyle. happi is a mindset. happi is happy.