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Job Title
Location Date Posted
Customer Relations Specialist

Elmsford, NY  01/12/2015
Director of Product Development & Sourcing

Elmsford, NY  01/12/2015
Director of Information Technology

Elmsford, NY  01/12/2015
Inventory Management Specialist

Elmsford, NY  01/12/2015
Freelance Product & Package Designers

Elmsford, NY  01/12/2015
Sales Associate

Multiple Territories
Product Manager
Elmsford, NY  01/10/2015
Package / Product Designer
Elmsford, NY  01/07/2015
Product Coordinator
Elmsford, NY  01/03/2015
Internship Opportunities
Elmsford, NY  01/12/2015

Meet the Team!

This Company was founded by a family, not an individual and throughout the years Bobbie and Tom Gottlieb have maintained that same spirit by welcoming each of us into their home we now know as Two’s Company.

Two’s Company has been recognized as a leader in the industry because of their vision, because of their passion.

Two’s Company is not for everyone, but if it is for you, you’re in it for the long haul because you’ve been infused with their passion, you believe in their vision and value what has been built over the years – YOU want to be a part of that success, you get “IT”, you get “them”. 

Bobbie and Tom, They make that happen.

Christina DeClemente

“I'm proud to be a part of Two’s Company.

This company is the complete package - talented people, great leadership, and a collaborative culture.”

Gloria Diaz

"I've been with Two's Company for 15 years!

It has been like my second home and I love it!"